Prison Life

It's waiting on letters when you're doing time,
your family won't write or send you a dime.
waiting on visits that never take place,
from loved ones and friends who've forgotten your face.

it's hearing them lie and that they're trying,
making promises, you know they are lying.
making plans with someone you thought you knew,
their plans suddenly chang, they don't include you.

its hearing them promise, it goes to your head,
and when push comes to shove they leave you for dead.
it's feelings of love, honor, and pride,
pain and emotions, you're hurting inside.

you express yourself to loved ones and friends,
they can't feel your pain cause you're in the pen.
it's calling and hearing a blocks on their phone,
you'll maintain cause life still goes on.

it's hearing them say how much they care,
and in your time of need are never there.
it's really messed up when you're doing time,
but that's "prison life," outta sight, outta mind.

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