Prison within

Enclosed in this chassis known all too well
Not appeased by its silhouette or vail
For they seem useless and undeserved
There is not one soul to share my blessings with
Restless and self consumed; do you see the hearts you hurt?
A child watches near
She hears your cries and sees your tears
How she wants to kiss your wounds away
Same as you had on her bad days
Though these are not ones she can brush away
Your feeling of helplessness is what she now feels
This is not what a mother teaches her children
She must see your heart will mend
You have to breathe life again
So much at stake and no time to waste
Break out of your prison, do not portray a mere shell
Let the the love and faith shine through the dark place you placed it
Let her know your fate is not yours nor is it hers too

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