Prisoner Id Poverty

Prisoner of Poverty
Do good, they say...
Be an outstanding citizen,they say...
Make good grades, they say...
Graduate, they say...
Go to college, they say...
Well, I did my time!
18 years I gave!
For what?
I ask...
To put back?
To not prosper ?
To be in debt?
To be in the dark?
To be put on the system as my parents tried to escape me from?
To see my kids suffer?
To be ashamed of G-A-R-C-I-A?
To be out of my own home?
To not have a dollar to my name?
I tried!
I tried to runaway,
Escape from you,
Dodge in the shadows,
But, you found me!
You slapped me back where you wanted me and not where I belong
I am now your prisoner....

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