i'm a prisoner in my own fairy tale
i tried to escape the pain, in the end I fail
who would have thought chris would be the guy i'd grow to hate?
perhaps it's destiney or maybe fate
but my prince charming is now the one I fear most
it's like he is the tick and i'm the host
but instead of blood he's drained my happiness
i'm not sure how long i can keep putting up with this
i say i'm done then take him back
my friends and family weren't okay with that
so why do i do it? beats the hell out of me
i'd trade this broken heart any day for a simple bruised knee
anything would be better than this
i guess that's why they say happiness is bliss
i'm dying inside and crying inside
nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
no one to trust, no one to confide
my thoughts and my feelings, my pain and my pride
why is it so impossible to love without being hurt?
day in and day out putting my heart on the line and for what?
well at least that's what i used to say and then i met jacob
he just comes strolling into my life but it's okay
he makes me laugh when i want to cry
he makes me smile when he spots a frown
he holds me tight and kisses me and it's what i want
because in his arms nothing and no one can hurt me

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