I found this wounded bird today who needed my loving care.
Her wings that flew her through the heavens,
Were more than she could bear.
So, down to earth she came to me, to restore her health and heart.
How lucky I am to be the one to bring my light into her dark,
To be the one to help her heal and find her strength to fly,
To give her hope and return her to the ever-loving sky.
The tender hold of my embrace will allow her to be unafraid.
The gentle touch I bestow to her, will tell that we are both brave.
So we hold on to each other, so very close and so warm.
She knows I will cover and shelter her from any storm.
We can sit on the window's ledge, and dream of what is to come:
Dreams of the sun kissing her feathers, soaring high above.
I know she will be ready to go, come one day,
But, forever in my heart, she will always stay.
She had nothing to repay me with, nor did I even want to receive,
All I ever wanted were the sweet bird songs she sang to me.

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This Poems Story

"Privileged" was written about a person who is broken, afraid to trust, afraid of pain, yet finds themselves in the hands of someone willing to care and give them time to realize that they can mend and live again. I am just a simple person who finds comfort in my family and friends. I want everyone to have happiness and peace inside their hearts. My inspiration is found in the normalcy of life, whether I see the colors of the sky, a bird soaring high above or a feeling I get while walking around in the world.