Prized Possession

By Hush   

Do I look like a slot machine where you gamble what you get 9 months later? You discard me when your luck runs out and you're done with my body. My body stretched, destroyed, as well as my spirit and self-esteem. Is it because I don't look or act the way you want, your Stepford wife; I refuse to be silent and play nice into your delusional life. The sacrifices I made for you; I changed my name, it was all for you and you didn't have to change or do anything. I lost myself, you stole from me what seems like my identity.

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This Poems Story

This poem was written in regard to the societal standards that women are held to, what is expected as a woman: getting married, having children and it always being to the benefit of the man. we lose ourselves in our role of being a mother or a wife that we forget we have our own identities. Going unnoticed and unappreciated gets tiresome, but so does trying to find out who I am for myself.