While on a walk…
While on a walk, I listened to …
The rustle of dry leaves under my feet
The hum of a mysterious bird
The murmuring of the branches
The noise of the traffic far from the city
The swish of the wind surrounding me
The soft babble of the squirrels
The thud of a coconut falling off the tree
The echo of a distant song
The clatter of utensils in a nearby kitchen
The splash of water from the pond
The tinkle of a baby’s anklets
The clank of a couple’s argument
The silence of a groaning body
I asked:
Does every sound have a story, every voice have a tale?
Do I have ears that can comprehend each story?
Do I have an understanding of each tale?
And comforted myself:
I may not comprehend each story
I may not understand each tale
Today I have learnt to listen
Listen to the most ignored and obsolete sounds and voices
Listen to the resonance of existence around me
Yes, it’s never too late, it’s never too late

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