A place where hearts aren't broken but stolen through contracts,
And simple reasons allow us to avoid all eye contact,
What's to expect whats next when respects not needed through text,

Subliminal hash tags have our minds bending,
Because being you never compares to what's trending,
And being true isn't cool in attempt to mending,
A shattered self-esteem we try to fix overnight,
But patience is a virtue.

Yet we continue to look into the eyes of others,
Because being ourselves is only cool what another
Person says so, but look up.

Planted here nothing but born sinners,
But eyes high we are seen as born winners,
Still emptiness finds its way in. Why?

Different people have different reasons,
Not understanding that when we Fall it is just a season,
Still our vision is blinded because of people thinking
Of others as they think of themselves, poorly.

Tough to swallow but unfortunately it's reality,
Saying hello to technology and good bye to personalities,
iRobots looking at life wishing they could rewind it,
A lost search for truth have people dying before they find it.

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