I can churn it out
with the best of them
I don't take the formulaic route
like the rest of them
I love getting paid
by a productivity rate
I don't worry at all
about the deadline date

I'm prolific
Can crank it out effortlessly
I got that ready-to-use story,
in case of extreme urgency
If you need something written,
quick and in a hurry
Plop the request on my desk,
and it's done lickety split, no worries

But I caution you now,
before you cruise by my office space
I'm not the tidiest person,
I tend to keep a lot of things out of place
Because I'm far too busy
to sweat the small details
The big picture is:
I write fast and I write well

I'm prolific
Can crank it out effortlessly
End of story
Is there anything else you need?

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