Someday, when the moon is black and shattered,
I will leave you crying with the wolves.
The trees will shade you like how I embraced
all your guilt and sorrow.
The leaves will give you warmth, and;
the birds will sing you to sleep.
Someday, some pigeons will be coming at your window
in a morning breeze after you had a nightmare.
I wish you welcome them like you did to me before.
They will bring you my letters
which contain unsaid words I failed to tell you.
Someday, the clouds will grow darker
while you're holding someone else's hand.
You'll be worried the rain will pour on a summer.
Please, don't.
I want you to know that somewhere far from where I am-
up in your north and south;
I will hold it in, so just for the sun to keep smiling
even if I need to gather all the storms in my chest,
and let it sit there for a long while, until I die.

We partnered our souls in every reason we have,
whenever, wherever,
Even the world will always keep us apart.

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