Promise Land

As I close my eyes,
I find myself falling.
Steadily, Swiftly into oblivion.
And suddenly, I awaken.
In a strange land,
Where the sky is sparkling,
With hidden promise.
Where strange flowers are blooming,
In the wake of Spring.
And the breeze is scented,
With memories of you.
And here I can finally,
Breathe a sigh of relief.
Am I merely dreaming?
Or have I made it past the borderline?
Where reality blurs,
And infinite possibilities expand.
Contemplating this,
I find I am not afraid...
But rather...Curious.
And that new found curiosity drives me.
As I begin to wander,
The grasses I wade through,
Are lighter than the kiss of snow.
They whisper in a language,
Altogether foreign,
Yet comforting all the same.
Ghostly lights twinkle,
At the edge of my peripheral.
And they seem to be beckoning.
Luring me farther away,
From the life that I once knew.
Mother Gaia, Father Time,
If you have brought me...
Let me linger here,
In my darkest hour.

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