Promise meant to be broken

The rain was roaring outside,
The day we met,
I told you I am scared of the dark,
And you promised to be the light,
For the rest of my life.
Now,Whenever I hear,
A rumble outside,of the pouring rain,
I think of you,and what you had said.
Your eyes always spoke to me in ways,
That would often be defined as mystery.
And then one day you walked away,
I begged for you to stay,
Just for one last time,
I held your hands,looked into your eyes.
And it still spoke to me a mysterious tale.

And just like that my sunny days
Were Canopied by dark clouds once again,
And I thought of you.
With the low roar of the pouring rain outside and,
I thought about the promise that you had made
But promises are meant to be broken,
And broken can’t be fixed
So it’s best forgotten.

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