Promised pill

My feelings at hand are to far to reach.
I find it hard to understand your speech.
You say you care for everything I am holding here. Is that why you don’t have nothing to say? To only question how I am , and not to I am doing? We live our days apart to gather our debts a pay off our concerns. This is the one band we have chosen to play for. To beat a constant drumbeat, with only one rhythm to tap my feet. When all I feel is the need dance. However all I can only tip toe the waltz slowly around you. To the only beats you see worthy of sitting for us to meet. My only will is to take care of the world you and I have promised to yield. I just wish I didn’t have to ingest this bitter pill. You have recently handed out for me to take. In our past I pulled a pushed you up to the top. I had only the thought, that you would be able to grab my hands as I do my share art. Now I see the snow that covers the grasses. Hasn’t just frozen your feet it has started sticking to your core. I am not sure what the weather may bring or if the summer heat will ever come again. I have chosen this place in my heart to stay and so I shall. But; life as well as my love, would be much easier with your hands extended out.
RThomas 3/18

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I have been working on getting together a collection of my prose’s and poems for a book. I hope to get published one day. My love has been “kindly said” less supportive than I honestly thought she would be. I have always supported her goals. I thought she would do the same.