By Ellyse   

I promise I promise
It won't happen again
We can fix it
Solve all your problems
don't worry about it
we got this
Kids are safe
were protecting them
Lies all lies
so many dead
too many Flowers
too many speechs of promises made
Nightmare unfolds
you say it won't happen again
But here we are today
and Violence countiues
over and over again

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This Poems Story

This poem is about School shootings and how everytime it happens the goverment says we will fight to prevent this from ever happeing again but the next year it happens every single day and every time they lie and lie bringing false hope to parents and childern. there too many graves to count and too many deaths to write down. Every kid never being able to grow up a happy life instead are buried 6 feet under in small wooden casket too early too young for a child to die. The goverment is already failing to keep school s safe. How many more schools are going to be listed down for a shooting?