She'd done all the dishes and put them in place
when he came to the kitchen with tears on his face
and said, "Baby, remember when you said 'I do'
all the big dreams and promises I made to you
and you know that I've done just the best that I could
but I've never made one of those promises good.
Like the palace I promised to build you some day
or the cruises to paradise oceans away
or the diamonds and pearls I would give you to wear
or the gold for your hand or the jewels for your hair.
Now it's twenty years later and all I have done
is to break every promise and dream one-by-one."
When he'd finished speaking she came to his side
with her heart full of love and her eyes full of pride.
She said, "I still recall when you made me your wife
and you gave me your name and you gave me your life
and you maybe don't know it and maybe can't see
that you've kept every promise that you made to me.
Our home is my palace, I'm a queen when I'm here.
I'm in paradise every time you hold me near.
The stars that we watch are my diamonds and pearls
and my gold is our son and my jewels are the girls
and each day has been all that I dreamed it would be--
because of the promises you made to me."

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