Promises are something that are very important
Promises are like a verbal contract and when it is broken
So is the trut a person may have for another
When a child is born the parents make a promise
Wheather it was virbleor not the promise was made
They promise to love,take care of,never leave,always be there,
And to always protect their child
This Promise is made to eveyone when they are born
It is up to the parents to never break this promise
Unfortunantly my father wasnt awar of this
Seven days after my birth my father broke his promise to me
He left me and forever put a whole in my heart where a fathers,
Love was supposed to go
He left me and my mother and for 16 years I didnt know,
thats the man i live with and called dad was not my real biological
My real father left me and broke his promise
And ever since then I made a promise to myself
That my child would never have to experience that
He will grow up with both parents and not just that
I made a promise to always keep all th promises I make
for the rest of my life
Promises are contracts that should never be broken
especially between a child and his/her parents

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