Proper Spelling (Love = Sacrifice)

I’m stuck on this planet, and I don’t understand it
We steal from each other and our society demands it
Small time stealing money and big time stealing time
I cannot determine which one is the bigger crime
I work from the morning well into the night
But its all worth it cause I know each day I’ve done right
Coming home, Northumberland, county, that’s where I’ll be
Got my baby waiting on me and I’m her man
Not a boy like Peter Pan
I grew up in my twenties and matured in my thirties but I’ll never get old
My heart stays young and my rhythms and puns spun like gold
They fire from my finger tips take you on lyrical trips
Bring you up high then take you down to the dip of emotional abandon
Some people think love is a four letter word but they’re wrong
They spell it incorrectly so I had to tell them in my song
Love spelled properly is sacrifice I learned the from The Christ my Jesus
He made the example of Himself stood up to be counted not to please us
But to please the Father above to show us His love
To give us a helper, the Holy Spirit like a dove
So I turn on the lap top and listen to the keys pop
As I pour out my heart and let it go non stop
Inspiration is all around me from singing birds to living trees
What’s within me that has to come out and the Holy Trinity
I keep writing and loving and fight and fight and fight
Not against but for the ones I love cause what’s right is right
I think about the plight of my fellow man and want to lend a hand do what I can
So I put on my shoes and put on my cap put on my smile and I wander the land
Spread the love spelled sacrifice not just by being nice but by taking action
Small things, gentle things here and there everywhere getting a reaction
Ramble on, sing my song, I may have stole those words but I’m moving on
We all steal from each other, sisters and brothers, but we love, and we carry on
So if I love you will you love me too or will you love your enemy and bless them
Or will you retaliate and come out of the gate swinging and ready to get them
How long how long Lord will this planet spin and people lose and win
How long how long Lord will we sleep at night then at daybreak fuss and fight
Let me carry the light to the top of the hill
Your Holly Spirit put in me instilled
A sense of urgency to spread the word to fly like a dove peaceful bird
Let me be shrewd like a serpent but harmless as a dove though it may sound absurd
Let me come home to my baby treat her like my lady
Let her know she’s loved having no doubt in my arms is safety
Let me be the man you want me to be not a boy like you see walking the street
Let me drop some beats and move some feet and change some hearts and evil defeat
Forgiven so I forgive and try to live in peace
As much as depends on me consider myself the least
So I happy home and feel no need to roam
Where ever my God and my baby are that’s where I call home
Spread the love, spell it right and say good, Godly night

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