One thing is for sure we are like vapor and resistance is futile
The blind will not see an open door so there is no resistance
Safety is not in numbers it is in the faith you carry presentence
Knowledge and wisdom can only be attained by almighty Jehovah
Without the Lord built it surely it will crumble to dust in due time
Technology might very well be our demise when the earth roars
When darkness covers this land which it must is your lamp burning
Waste not want not there is no waist if there is no want warning
The purest thing on this land is a child brain if you can converse
There will be no peace greed is bliss in a soul that craves power
Stand together or fall calamity draws together rich and poor alike
I see only ashes and dust for this world was on fire in every corner
Water had covered the land to cleanse off diseases polluted earth
There was none worthy to be sent all the saints had passed away
Our time is but a short one heaven and earth will join as land and sea
Pray that your flight is not in the winter for all seasons must die
Come together as one if you can or you will surely go blind searching
I see I write yet I have no knowledge or timeframe to disaster coming.
Seek Jehovah while you can lean on his principles and receive his rewards

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This Poems Story

I write what came to my head upon my pillow, the words of moving waters and glittering lights Yet they are not my words, borrowed for a warning of things to come shortly.