My happiness is found though I scoured for days,
I was lost and helpless, but you got me through the maze.
The World so dark and my trust was shattered,
I opened my eyes and immediately you were all that mattered.
Visions exploded in my head like an old movie reel,
Clicking the years so fast, creating something I could actually feel.
I was in the desert exhausted; crawling on my knees,
You became my water and a comforting breeze.
I was battling some demons and the defeat was imminent,
You, the only reason I fought so hard to escape my imprisonment.
I failed time and time again but you offered your hand,
Extending your arm; picking me up and helping me stand.
The visions so strong and more detailed than I can write,
I seen with you by my side that everything would be alright.
I’m not perfect and I will always make some mistakes,
With humility I will fix them, no matter how long it takes.
There’s three ways a woman can walk with her man,
Behind, in front or next to each other holding hands.
I ask respectfully that you choose to walk all three,
It’s not a form of domination, I request it as only a plea.
Stand beside me as we face all the things to come,
Together is how we will win; when we act as one.
Only be behind me; in a situation where we are threatened,
So that I can protect you, even if it sends me to heaven.
There’s two reasons you should stand in front of me in life,
While I root for you chasing your dreams and right now, as I ask you, will you please be my wife?

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