I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, but I’m full of hope.
On that horrific day, and maybe my last day,
Even if fear and anguish are haunting me,
I will get prosperity.

Death is the solution to live in prosperity.
Without grenades and gun noises , without injury,
Without war,
There is prosperity.

In paradise with flowers , food, water, beautiful landscapes,
I will change my enemies into comrades.
To get peace, to stop the blood,
I will die and make my dreams come true.

With this gun aiming at my heart,
This enemy accomplished the mission I had been waiting for for a long time .
My dreams are coming true.
Without grenades and gun noises, without injury, without war,
I’m in properity.


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This Poems Story

This poem is about a soldier who's searching for prosperity. but for him, the only solution is to die, and go to paradise without war. a very sad story...