Protected Secure Poisoned

Protected, secure. Poisoned, I'm sure?
Innocence and poison fruit, in garden of perfect repute.
Headstrong, unyielding; his love so appealing!
Thanksgiving so tender.
Oh, what perfect splendor!
Share you, I do; I do, for I love you.

Protected, secure. Poisoned, I'm sure.
Objectivity stole you away.
You paid the price, but where do you stay?
That silly person, with all his hope.
I am the one who knew the hope!
Now difficult to touch, the lantern's lost it's clutch.
“I'm still here”, I say.
“He's still there”, they say.
I feel alone, but why do I not feel alone?

Protected, secure. Poisoned, I'm sure!
Present moment do shine, I'm okay, I'm fine.
Not where I lay, not where I stay.
Rope unravels, it does fray.
Solid rock crumbles and humbles this attachment.

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