I see your face in the halls,
Passing by,
Always helping out,
Stealing my eyes,
I was always alone,
In my room full of friends,
I am always comfortable,
Looking through my own lens,
But that one has fallen to the floor,
Shattering my perception of friends,
You have lived in your house forever,
Never seeing the sunlight,
And never sleeping through the night,
So why don’t we go somewhere together,
But you'll just laugh and say,
“Never, Remember”,
I’m a good pretender,
And you’ll all see that soon,
I’m a good pretender,
And I can howl at your moon,
I wonder the halls alone now,
Walking without purpose,
Seeing shallow faces,
And disregarding my own purchase,
Is it OK in days of modern,
To love a book so much,
When you really hate the writer,
And you,
And me,
You’ll fall for me,
You’ll see,
And that day in last november,
Seeing things,
That I’ll remember,
With you,
And I’ll never let you go
Without fighting through the snow,
Because I’m the protector.

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I wrote this and I am 13