A world full of predators,
Where no one is safe,
Those who feel superior,
Make the weaker their slave.

Beware! Monsters are lurking,
They might just be pretending,
Look around and you will see,
Behold the reality.

Their people are suffering,
Yet they're out there relaxing,
What a disappointment,
Do you call that an achievement?

Crocodiles are everywhere,
Ready and waiting for their prey,
Blinded by money, billionares,
Wait, the country's budget is theirs?

Oh! Horrendous agitators,
Wearing a dreadful grin,
Cheat, lie, and hire killers,
They'll do everything to win!

Get out behind that mask,
Show your true identity,
Are you scared that much?
Come out here little kitty.

What a minacious society,
So much lack of equality,
Being part of it is scary,
Creepy, grim, and eerie!

There's so many unsolved issues,
Yet they don't bother to argue,
Their desires are their first priority,
Neglect the citizens' deficiency.

Discrimination of different races,
Outgrown police brutality cases,
Those who are thought to protect,
Turns out to be the suspects.

Opposition of LGBT rights,
Held, oppressed, deprived to fight,
Being given unequal treatment,
Petitions ignored by the government.

The poor becomes poorer,
And the rich becomes richer,
Those on top has more power,
And those below will suffer.

How come the innocents,
Are the ones who get jailed,
While those in government,
Immediately get bailed?

It's time to make a change,
Fix all the damages they made,
No one should be below anymore,
Finish the never-ending war.

We will fight for what is right,
We will face them without fright,
Together we, the citizens, protest,
For our freedom! Repudiate behests!

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