Prozac and Procrastination

By bek   

Tomorrow doesn’t exist.

‘Tomorrow’ is the fictional day to which we assign everything we don’t want to do today.

And the only flaw in this logic, is that tomorrow ALWAYS turns into today.

I lie here in a sea of dirty bedsheets, I tell myself that I will wash them ‘tomorrow’.

But I know that tomorrow will be today, and when today finally comes I will again tell myself that I will wash these bedsheets ‘tomorrow’.

But tomorrow will never come.

And the bedsheets will never get clean.

Unless I choose to stop postponing until tomorrow

And just decide to live TODAY.

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This Poems Story

Procrastination is something that has stolen so many valuable opportunities from me. It’s easy to procrastinate when you’re being tossed about in a raging sea of mental illness. We postpone so many things until tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. It never will. So instead, why not just learn to be present? Why not just live today instead of waiting to live tomorrow? Tomorrow isn’t real. Live today.