Your venomous words, like poison, resonate
They devour, decay, and obliterate
As they ooze, deep within my veins
Consuming the flesh, that does remain
Carving criticism, through marrow and bone
Finding shelter, and creating a home
Tunnelling their way, positioned inside
Welcomed where, all my demons hide
Dank and dark, cold and rotten
Long put away, but never forgotten
Decades of wounds, lay buried here
Still screaming, and chanting, perfectly clear
Invisible to all, yet like oxygen, do exist
Through counsel, and positivity, still do persist
Once spewed out, can never be reversed
Feeling like a haunting, some evil curse
Medicated, and meditated, and sometimes I cry
No answers, to the questions, I don’t know why
Beaten, defeated, poisoned, and broken
Simply, for saying, what I had chosen
No matter your age, race, religion, or creed
Bullying is unacceptable, devastating, and mean
Senseless, demeaning, unnecessary, and rude
So do unto others, as you’d have done, to you

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