Psalms of 2015

Can I have an imagination.
One that tell me no right or wrong.
An imagination for the grown.
Can I have an imaginary friend.
All religions claim God to fit in.
No, I want the friend who control the physical.
Yet talk to me mentality.
I can see them, yet they prove existence with paranormal activities.
No deaths with our bond.
Less you try to harm me, my imaginary friend will haunt thee.

I have a imagination.
Its full of life in nature.
Perfect to the creation.
Paranormal activities happen on a daily.
Sun rise and set faithfully.
Moon and stars light the darkness graciously.
Trees create shade and fruits.
Ground create veggies, and grains.
It rain in the need of growth.
It storm to flood out the dirty hopes.
The animals respect when it's comfortable.
Nature is the imagination I live in.
I have an imaginary friend.
Me, myself, and I to the end.

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