The psychodrama impulse
Consults with astray
Compulsive with an alternating recluse
Profuse the use of being acute
With awkwardness of shady reboots
Conclusive with no subtle dispute
Conceitedly challenged by my awful self-dispute
With despising matters of contradictory
That actually 'havoc'with subtle influence
That inflicts stardom of treason
Equally to the subject-to detect such reasons
Confusing as it is
Enigmatically in challenging prognosis
A colder heart, lures to total darkness
Expressively not disabled-with conductive caress
A blacken-spirited will be undertaking
Lightning-spirited will always be uplifting
Not to indirect the superb
To deserve the works of no challenging worth
It is always my health-feeling the silent hypertensive
Faithfully I'm not the only one misunderstanding
As always it is a subtle-less depute
Depute inquires of depth-imputes
Not to defy the writs of knowledge
Blessed to be gifted
With awesome self-privileges
No more a coast-to-coast-with mental hoaxes

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