I’m laying on a float in the pool on a hot summers day I feel the sun beating on my skin making my blood warm and pure the breeze is nice and I’m taking slow deep breaths I’m starting to feel the air slowly but quickly come out of my float as I start to sink it starts pouring unexpectedly when the weather man said it wasn’t supposed to be this way it was supposed to be sunny but it’s not sunny at all I’m now at the bottom of the pool I’ve turned cold and scared I can’t escape my lungs start filling up with water and I can’t take control over my slow deep breaths anymore I’m starting to panick taking manic breaths trying with my all to escape but the float is popped the sun is gone and there’s no way out I slowly close my eyes as I’m releasing some of the water out my eyes and into the pool I can’t feel myself doing this as in I’m drowning And had more to focus on getting myself out I couldn’t get out but I learned to swim and the rain stopped and the sun came back out pumping my blood , warming me back up drying what had happened moments earlier and I realized I could take those slow deep breaths all over again I grabbed myself a new float as i can now swim but I can not control when or if it will ever happen again.

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