Public Image

Advised to protect my image
Keep up appearances
In the public eye
This means I am restricted to a certain role
I must behave in line with my role

Am I character in a movie
Am I about to lose my job
What I'm asking is what will happen if I don't listen

So I decided
Being rebellious
That I will break character

I was told and I don't know by who
Thinking about it
More than likely it was from TV
The all knowing
All projecting television

If you are having a problem
Go watch tv
Find whatever your problem is
Watch that television episode
Soap opera
You get the point

The almighty television
It is going to tell you exactly how to handle the problem
What an age we live in
A golden age of the silver screen

I have to pause
I realized that I had cut out a significant demographic
Millennials and whatever the generation after that is
If you don't have the almighty tv
You have to use your computer and the internet

Pretty much the same thing

Yes I realize how sarcastic this advice is
To me through observation
This is how most people live their life
They mirror tv episodes

Now I get it
TV wasn't first
TV was inspired by real life

Let me stop you though
TV used to exaggerate for dramatic effect
Nowadays television struggles to keep up with the madness
So much so
That there are endless "reality" shows

Alright back to the thesis
I'm not going to give two shits about maintaining an image
What am I a permanent selfie
Look it up future

I'm going to live life
I'm going to do what I want
And since our Government is something out of 1984 - George Orwell
It feels much worse
Because nowadays
It's not just the Government
It's your family
It's your friends
It's your creepy fucking neighbor
Who can do a quick internet search and know way more than anyone should

I looked myself up
How is this legal
How is this societally accepted
I mean seriously
Excuse my millennial - WTF
Way too much personal public information

Did I sell my soul to the internet
This is the world I was born into
Yes and go and try to remove everything on the internet that is you
Easier to catch the wind

In conclusion
Because I can't scratch my nut sack
Without the North Koreans knowing about it
I'm just going to go crazy
And speak my mind
Do whatever I feel like

I get it
That makes me the loon
But it also makes me free

So you go ahead
Maintain your image

I'm going to enjoy my freedoms
Cause this is 'Merica
And my ancestors
Died so I can
Say and write stupid shit
And I know it's stupid shit
But it's my stupid shit
And that shits special to me

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