Pull Me Ine

No matter how much I push you away
you always give me a reason to want you to stay
Like a gravitational pull; I have no control
You're a big black hole, you swallowed me whole
I hate the way you pull me in
Despite all of your faults you still find a way to win
My heart....it always lets you in
You're no good for me
I'm pretty sure everyone else can see
What you do to me, how you pull me in
Yeah, you're a player and you'll always win
My heart...that always lets you in
You're the reason I'm a mess, this I'm sure of
my emotions are scattered in every direction
You on the other hand...drenched in perfection
Perfection that I wished was mine
Mine to hold, mine to claim
But I am being led on, just like everyone else
I'm just another number for you to chase
A game in which you play
You play it all too well
I hate the way you pull me in
Always managing to win
My heart....it will always let you in

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