Pulling the Cord

Someday will be the day when we all face the darkness-
That tunnel with no end,
No pinprick of light staring back at us, giving us hope.
No, not always...
Some days, we face the darkness;
We face it because, really, sometimes we have no choice.
Sometimes it's because of a choice-
Ours, or someone else's-
But it's still a choice.
What do we do when we face the darkness?
Do we wander blindly? Do we sit in sorrow?
Do we wait? Do we run? Do we hide?
We do. We all do.
But someday, we are going to have to stop, have to fight:
We fight not the outer darkness, but that which lies within us,
Because the things that happen outside
Are things which we cannot control;
What happens inside, however, is left up to us to decide.
There are not many ways to try and fight the darkness outside-
That darkness exists, it always will.
And yet if we can fight what is within us,
Find the little, dangly cord, and pull it-
and let that light shine within us-
That is how we fight the darkness, my friends.

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