i heard you.
calling my name.
and the wind that cools the water
causes the hurricane.
now i sit
at the edge of the cliff.
and i stare, into the deep, clandestine pit.
you call me. again and again.
and just for a single millisecond,
i want to take the leap of faith
into you.
and yet something's holding me back.
so i continue to gape
as a mixture of curiosity and somber
runs through my veins.
part of me wants to take that leap
and unpuzzle the labyrinth that is you.
but there is absolutely nothing that will bring me back
to that safe ground once i step foot off it.
i don't have a safety harness to keep me from falling.
and the fear
of getting injured beyond belief,
makes me take a few steps back
instead of taking a few steps
towards you.
- t.s

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