Pumpkins Taunt Me

Pumpkins Taunt me
Claire Colbert

The season I have fallen in love with
Has come around once again
The season when I fell in love with
Has come again
Big Star plays on the radio
And I remember how you broke my heart
The salt on my face still rests
From the tears I shed
Pumpkins laugh and taunt me as I remember
The battle wounds we shared from circles of paint
And how your smile dropped when I said
I'm not going to play this round
Perhaps that was a prediction of our future
You got interested with
the people on the sidelines
As I fought for your attention
So as this season comes around
Once again
I think of you and how you chose her
Not me
How you were the first person
I had meaningful feelings for
As leaves change
And the air becomes crisper
I think of you
Once more
And how my heart
Has never healed
How you have left
A ghost on my lips
From your absence
And how I have never felt the same
As I smell the crisp air
I think of you
Once more

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