Punish The Wicked

Punish the Wicked
Repel & bind evil you find.
Forsake & return everything it takes.
When thee earth crumbles & quakes.
It makes it's presence known.
Sometimes it even calls you on the phone.
Never trust a cheater.
Don't marry a wife beater.
Stay away from the perverts.
Psych wards is where they medicate the berserk.

Shun your eyes from their exposure.
Regain your calm composure.

Don't bargain or compromise.
Death's eternity without pity & no where to hide.
Justice juristiction is wide.
In the end they will get their demise.
See the truth through their lies.
Use all of your mind & be wise.

Don't waste your time with the queer.
Listen & have a good ear.
You can hear them talk through the walls.
Behind the doors in the bathroom stalls.
Various messengers deliver a warning.

The streets will be flooded.
The grass & dirt mudded.

Don't entertain the boring.
All night until the morning..
Outside the rain will be pouring.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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