Punishing Myself

Entombed in concrete,embedded in dred
Wish I would of known these feelings
When those demons I fed
Entrusted myself to a character unknown
So many opportunities missed
So many chances ive blown
Forever deconstructing all that I built up
Don't know good from bad sometimes I just wanna sup
Please give me mercy
Just make less these feelings of pain
Into my lies I regress,feeling the disdain
For I punish and destroy all along my journey
Many times I wanted to stop ,for goodness my soul was yearning
But rebuked I did the words wholly spoken
Dashed many thoughts though my spirit remains unbroken
Cant understand half the things that brought me to my demise
Probably because of denial or maybe I was just high
Seeing now all that I lost the fallacies in my future
Some wounds are just too deep regardless of the sutures
Time wounds all that heals if we let our memories win
Somebody please show me how,and were my healing begins.

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