Punk rock pixie dust

I have a punk rock mentality and a werewolf soul. I live for the nighttime and I delve the depths of my mind into the fire amongst the abyss. I see my reflection distorted in-between the chaos and past lives. I join the circle in women in survivors in warriors in goddesses and I suck on the tit of wisdom and experience and I almost drown in my own quicksand of disillusionment. Poison ivy wraps around the infinite sadness that envelopes my charisma and all that is left is cigarette ashes and anarchy in black and blue compromise that is my aching soul. I'm an artist, I am a thinker, I am a maniac a survivor a creator a mother a Messiah and a missionary. I am a freak and a fortune teller and a visionary. I am you. I am everything that frightens you about yourself in living Technicolor. I am a heroine and a poetess a procrastinator and a perfectionist I am a sorceress and a priestess of my own inner light. I am free and you can be too if you choose to be. I am full of kinks and rage and scars and I sag skin sinking and folding . I am a crone and in my wisdom and experience I have seeked my own nirvana. Fountain of youth rain softly on my skin creating an everlasting dew and glow like a nymph in the wood.

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