Puppet Boy

So it seems, that moment has momentarily become
A frozen drop in space, catching itself on the tip of my nose
As you froze; but the world was still spinning.
Could it be that my space has finally limited itself
to the roof of my mind? Am I losing breath, because I'm losing you?
Is it possible that there isn't enough room in this heart for two?
Tell me, am I being selfish? Because I don't mind stepping on you
To break my fall...
In all, I have become cruel; but sweeten my words with honey
So it doesn't taste bitter when I have to eat them.
You were the only monster I ever trusted-
Calm, collected, arrogant, blind, stupid, athletic,
Too trusting, Not caring, swearing that one day
You'll earn the one thing I can never give out.
You see, my pores are seeping hate when you
Confess those words I don't wish to hear;
These ears are more than tired.
Puppets have no feelings, I said...
Or maybe I was trying to make up for the fact
That I made those strings, so I would never feel bad
For the monster I let loose?
I didn't stay, but you didn't leave;
So I never felt, that you always grieved.
Deceived, believing that I was true,
I lied to you-
But somehow, I'm not one bit sad.

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