Puppet Master

Oh puppet master, please grab those strings and guide me to a new reality
A reality where people are people and not demons
Everyday it feels like I'm dreaming
My heart is screaming

Slowly gettin' defeated,
Help me, I'm bleedin'
Where did you go when I was reachin'?

Puppet Master, grab those strings and throw me around
Around and around 'til I fall down
Then pick me up off the ground,
Like those kids did on the play ground

I've been around for too long,
My cotton is coming out of my leg, stomach, and arm
Maybe you should throw me away,
I'll be better off dead

This may just sound like a cliche,
But try living my life where it's difficult to survive just one day

I'll be lying if I said I was okay
Because my puppet master didn't stitch up my leg, stomach, and arm yesterday

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