Pure Evil Erupts

My heart had a murmur.
My ovary had a tumor.

Your image is pleasing to my eyes.
I don't believe any of your lies.
Mama has always lived in a filthy sty.
Feeds us only butter on rye.

Nothing more but always less.
Ariel & I deserve everything that is the best.

My psychological evaluation was normal.
A haunting vision of the paranormal.
Words that lie.
With baby eyes that cry.
A weeping willow beside me on my pillow.
A room to feel safe.
With you when I am alone no one can replace.
I already know you I saw your face.

Attraction so savage like a vicious hound.
Can I trust you to be around?
Betray me once & another chance won't be found.
Not desperate or on the rebound.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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