Pure happiness


Cotton candy clouds fill up the sky,
I swear that feeling will make you cry,
You’re favorite girl right by your side
Inside the car you just want to ride.

Not many times you want to go the speed limit,
But i want this forever i really must admit
I look for a quick second as your face is glowing
I can see your happy even if its not showing.

This warm feeling makes me feel young again,
Before i knew anything about committing sin,
Rapping along with Kanye west
Thats when you’ll see me at my best.

Happy on the inside there’s nothing that can change this
I swear I want to lean over for a kiss,
But all i do is squeeze your hand tighter,
As my foot pushes on the petal a little lighter .

I cherish those moments especially in my life
I feel as if you are becoming my wife,
Then when the sun is down and all is over,
Im alone in my car, and haven’t yet gotten closure ...


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