Pure Poetry

A glance, a touch, a batted eye.
A tear, a wink, a thoughtful sigh.
A smile, a frown, a nod or two.
A frown, a hug, what do they do?
The world is full of these and more.
Emotions, thoughts, from heart's own core.
Artists strive to paint and draw,
sculptors carve, with hammers claw,
to create in stone, or canvas raw,
art that leaves the viewer in awe.
But more than art, the goal you see,
is to make a point to you and me.
For every emotion that there could be,
to take and hold and set it free.
To see and touch and even feel,
emotions rendered oh so real.
If a picture paints a thousand words,
where does that leave us writing nerds?
Minds on fire, heart aglow,
our medium is words, you know?
So thoughts to words to thoughts you see,
connections made between you and me.
Pure poetry!

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