Here I am in my death existence throne I manifested.
Here tortured by the fright of others like me in this realm infested.
Furthermore, to my poor decisions and behaviors I am disgusted.
Fifty years I've been here a little while.
I am busted, soul rusted, and frustrated.

I'm already tired of my existence.
Somebody save my soul's unexceptence.
Please save me from this realm of resistance.
Why? Oh why? Did I off myself?
I can only answer: "By heinous misguidance."
Now only to exist here in deceitfulness.

Millions of years - long after the human race gone -
To this world of limbo I shall belong.
This solemn soul will only recognize itself how long?
There are creatures and beasts that I fear are way more strong.

Burning hot darkness is all around me to torture.
In this realm of souls dying over and over.
I moan and show myself into my bleak future.
Not being noticed most of the time.
Nothing physical belonging to me.
Nothing is ever mine.
Nothing is forever mine.
Nothing is me forever and ever to share.

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