Purgatory: The Eclispe Dawn Of Moon

The sky is filled with red across the battle field the days are bind.
The far gone distant past incognito thrash begun souls
dense in parallel dimension.
The open gate to death inside restless wondering spirits while
they remain burden. The uncommon to be relieved by disrupt the of
their sins plastic taken.

It is some asking there god when? Will he come? The aging upon
there dry countenances more over these things are deprived.
It just died as much as spirits the last remaining mortal drips the realm
down manifest. These sharp are the fangs piercing down into end.
It's the flesh of humans men women and children all
animals into ruin. The furnace tragic suffer burning these pages hot
sauce enamored the place.

A creation based on the end pain reign despair pours down onto
an intense red bipolar mental break.
The shadows over the forest came up from the ground dead once
again to avenge. The lost pencil that wrote in nothing these
lines is crawls surrounding the dungeon the Calvary.

A raging upon lethal dose of medicine concise over famish enduring
every day. Almost awake never sleep always through the
abyss sinking below damaged.

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This Poems Story

The unfair misfortunes of the dead without an awaken sleep.