Purge; the act of removing
The events in life and things not worth improving
Rehabilitate; to restore to a stat of good condition
Some cultures or family values dictate staying together out of tradition.

Why do we do these things to ourselves; allowing others to manipulate and control
Going through the motion instead of being with that person who connects with your soul
Each day is a painted on smile, we suck it up, grit our teeth and just bare it
Saying words to one another that are not true instead of saying the things we should admit.

Putting ourselves deeper in debt and work ourselves to the bone trying to get raises and bonuses
All the while trying to live up to societies’ standard or keep up with the Joneses?
Why do we make ourselves ill from not having what others do?
We should be thankful for the things we have and know in rough times Jesus will pull us through.

We need to stop living our lives by what others think
Just because someone has nicer things doesn’t always mean there is happiness inside
One never knows what really goes on behind the closed doors and what people hide
Not a good habit to be jealous or envious
It will only cause sadness in your life and it could become venomous

Be true to yourself, love yourself and be happy, let go and let God set the pace
Fight your own battles and stop with social media slurs against all other race
The end of time is nearing and this world is out of control
So much anger, hate that one day the ground will open up and swallow all in the big deep hole

Life’s rule of thumb; mind your own business, if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all
For the day will come when the roll is called
Where will you be?
You can’t hide or run for everything you do in life God does see!

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