Stop now, to what dwells here in this life, over this
planet and to what happens within your inner-world
can never marry. Commit to yourself, either way,
no one will care, commit to life and rise above to
commit to die in glory, live now with passion, for
that anyone could marry. Love can make or destroy
anyone. Until then, it’s only you that can kill you.
Open fire on life's cruel handouts and treasure anything
that makes you smile. The thing about self-made
beauty that drifts in the mist and wind, it can be
made again and for anyone offers that love the poets
won’t shut up about, indulge in it. For death is
around the corner and it’s definite. There is meaning
to life, to some, there avoid it with great ease. To
those people, thanks for bringing boredom and
insecurity into life. To anyone can change, be a poet,
an artist, someone special, speak french in love,
read Anne Sexton, listen to Mozart, travel, create
nostalgia, converse with friends and strangers.
Be in love and to get to know oneself. You’ll be
surprise how little people do anything of true holy value.
It’s beautiful to know that you matter to someone,
when you realize, just purge on them.
(knowledge variable)

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