I've ascended the seven heavens
And walked through the toughest of paths
Being stuck in a rain
Isn't scary after all

I searched with hope
From the darkest of nights
For wisdom from above
Since I learnt, He lives there

It was never strange
Or Orange
And like the sky, blue
The sun, red
I've lived in between both
Stuck in this purple fitting

Does it ring a bell
Or does mama's disappearance
Mean nothing?
I saw her that night.

She told me
"Take good care of them"
And i asked
What happened mum?
She smiled and said
Look for me beyond the seven heavens
Look for me in the toughest of path
And the rain wouldn't be a bad friend

And I still look for you yah mama
Deep in between papa's left blue eyes
And the right red one
For purple I still see
Since you left that night
With our favorite memory
Abdulrazaq Salihu

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