Purple Chopper

Imagine my surprise one sunny day,
To get my very own purple chopper bike,
That was when I was just nine years old,
I just couldn't wait to go out to play,
It was so much more cool than my little old trike,
I used to cycle by with a smile for all to behold.

I loved my purple chopper,
It had tassles on the handle bars,
And I would peddle as fast as I could,
Sometimes I fell and came a cropper,
And on my knee I have two scars,
Mind you there wasn't a lot of blood.

Many years have now gone by now,
Oh how I wish I was riding my purple chopper bike,
A childhood memory now almost forgot,
Riding in the park on a summers day, oh wow,
In our street there were no two choppers alike,
As soon as I got on, I was off like a shot.

Well now this story has been told,
About my special purple chopper bike,
A tale of happiness and memories so fond,
Its a shame we all have to grow old,
There will never be another story of the like,
Me and my purple chopper bike had that special bond.

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    This Poems Story

    When I was a boy I got a purple chopper for my birthday