Are we received as all we wear?
From in church if a simple dress is to high,high as being on cloud 9
Is that we be defined?
Is that how you choose to live!?
Going day to day, living off of what people say
Worried only as how people see you
Never truly living and being yourself
Because your afraid of not being accepted
Well I'm done!
Pretending to be someone, something
And just living but not being
Going day after day doing the same thing
Believing that the only purpose of life
Was only to go to school, work and die
I'm tired of being deprived, knowing that all I had to do was try
Because I was born for a reason, I have a purpose
I'm unlocking these chains bounding me
By what society wants an African American women to do
I'm going to live everyday as if it might be my last
And not just say but do
Turn my words into actions
And pursue.

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