Pushing Buttons

Things are going to get better
The Universe is a circuit board
Push the right buttons
And you’ll hear the right stories
The Universe is a sound garden
Where we all can work out our problems
You are not alone
The Universe told me so
So listen if you can
To the stories all around
Everyone has one
It’s just a matter of getting it out
Out of your heart, out of your soul
Into the World
Embracing the cards in your hand
Stop living like you’re made of glass
You may break
But you’ll never shatter
There’s a glue holding you together
In the stitches of your tough spirit
So face the Sun
And all the shadows will fall behind you
The Universe is a circuit board
Where we’re all playing twister
Remember this symbol of connection
When you go out into the World again
Be mindful of others
Listen attentively to everyone’s story
And don’t forget to tell all those you meet
Things are going to get better

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