Pushing Daisies

Independence reigns in open fields,
open roads, open minds.
I love the hour before the sun rises,
that stretch of grey highways, grey skies;
a world of monotone neutrality that
puts my longing heart to rest.
I breathe in this ragtag family of
nuclear bombs, whirlwinds and daisies that
have shaken off the chains of a society
that could no longer hold them.
A girl that is explosive
but regretfully beautiful.
A boy that is overwhelmingly destructive,
but leaves a striking new world
in his wake.
A darling that holds sugar in her eyes
but spice in her veins.
We let the world wrap leaves
around our wheels, let it take
us where it please.
We'll dine out, we'll sleep late,
we'll let the sun burn us happy
all morning – once it greets us over
black highways, blue skies;
in open fields, open roads and open minds.

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